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Expanding Our Services – Logo & Web Design

Political Campaigns offer a lot of opportunities for video production folks like us. This last cycle, we produced videos for campaigns and nonprofits all across the country. From Kentucky to Arizona to Washingotn D.C., we helped candidates tell their stories. But video can only do so much, and it is usually just one part of  a much larger messaging campaign.

So what do you do when video isn’t the most pressing need for a client?

You expand.

Expand your network, expand you bandwidth, and expand your service offerings.

We’ve spent the last few years meeting and working with a lot of great people. So when Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes contacted us about branding a new campaign, we knew we could put a team together to get it done right.

We knew the goal was to retain elements of  previous logos and to keep aspects of the brand recognizable, while progressing the identity to make clear, this is a new campaign. We worked directly with the candidate and her team as we produced drafts alongside our go-to graphic designer and offered numerous design and color combinations on the way. In the end, we provided brand guidelines and multiple versions of the logo for use in print and web.

To the left is the logo from 2014. On the right is what we developed it into for the new campaign. Check it out:






John Hamilton, candidate for mayor of Bloomington, Indiana also contacted us. For him, we not only developed a brand, we also built a website and filled it with content. Click on the picture on the right to visit


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Providing services outside of our normal video work-flow was an insightful experience. Expanding our offerings helped us better understand the full scope of clients’ needs, and helped us to understand how video can fit into the larger context of a campaign’s messaging. Future work with these clients will now be informed by what we learned in creating brands for them, thus leading to stronger products in the future.